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DS: IW Rottenburg and Chess skirts, Baby damaged skirt for cheap, AXES skirt

Dear all
Please read the following:
1. Priority goes to buyer who sends paypal email first, for payment in full. 
Holds are ok if a deposit of 40% of item price is put down immediately.. You can send PP email by PM, pls just comment that you are doing so. Thanks! 
2. Please pay on invoice promptly as invoices sent will expire in 24 hours after sending and the next in line will be contacted.
3. Buyer bears 4.5% paypal fee as I have a premier account. I
was forced to upgrade to a premier account after hitting a
sending limit one year and I could not operate the account
otherwise. But all payments coming in are automatically
deducted for paypal fees and I have no choice, sorry! ALL
4. EGL Feedback page:

SHIPPING: £3.50 FOR THE UK, £5.50 for EU, £8.00 for rest of the world.

1. IW Rottenburg skirt (GBP165.00)
I got this direct from IW and looked forward so much to it I am sad to let it go. Waist doesn't quite fit me and I won't be able to enjoy myself wearing this. New with tags, just tried on, and I am selling for the price I paid exc shipping from IW.
High waist measures 26-30 inches/66-75cm length is 25 inches/63cm.

iw rottenburg sk

2. IW Chess Brocade/Jacquard Skirt (GBP82.00)
I bought this skirt off a friend after I regrettably sold mine. But I don't think I will keep it after all and selling for what I paid. This skirt is in excellent condition, high waist measures 24-28 inches/61-71cm , and length is 23 inches/58cm   .
iw chess skirt

3. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tulip Bouquet Skirt in black (damaged) (GBP35.00)
I love this skirt but feel that I should be moving away from sweet loli even though this is a black skirt and is not ott. The lining is damaged as I removed the tulle a little too brutally from the lining... the tulle scratched my sensitive skin and was not easy to remove. There is some fraying and uneven-ness in the lining but the fabric of the skirt is not damaged.
Waist measures 24-27 inches/61-68.5cm, length is 22.5inches/ tulip skirt
baby tulip skirt lining

4. AXES FEMME autumnal florals mini skirt NWT (GBP 35.00)
I bought this using an SS in Japan and it is a really sweet autumnal floral mini in a soft and comfy material. Elastic waist measures 24-39 inches/61-99cm   and length is 16 inches/40cm. NWT and unworn, I decided that minis don't look good on me...

axes skirt

axes skirt label

p.s. the LJ picture function is the worst thing I have used in years!


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